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Kind Words from Past Clients

"Caley epitomizes compassionate care, and working with her was deeply supportive of my prenatal and birthing experience. She is a wealth of information and offered her knowledge and insights without ever pushing me to choose one way or another. When I was under her care, she showed up as an excellent medical provider, a delightfully kind friend, and a wise woman, and wore each hat when I needed it most. I was able to have a beautiful home birth and I'm so grateful for the significant way in which she contributed to that."

Alexandra Ricketts

"Caley was the primary midwife for me in the birth of my first baby. I was supported immensely by her calm presence and gentleness when interacting with my body. During labor, Caley was the main person I leaned on for reassurance and confidence. She was patient and gave me lots of time/space to make grounded decisions. She was very communicative and responsive, which was especially helpful to me in those first weeks postpartum when we were having so many struggles with nursing. I felt held and respected in all interactions with Caley, which contributed to me having the most ideal birth experience I imagine was possible."

Natalie Soriano

"Caley was a warm, supportive, and soothing presence during my prenatal appointments and the home birth of my first child. The intimate experience of pregnancy and childbirth felt safer with Caley’s gentle and loving guidance. Highly recommend this incredible midwife!"

Kind Words: Testimonials
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"I highly recommend Caley! I received prenatal massage from her every other week during the second & third trimesters of my one and only pregnancy. She is incredibly kind, intuitive, professional, knowledgeable & accepting. I am a single parent & the physical healing touch helped me relax & calm my nervous system & tense muscles. She came highly recommended by my midwife & I am so grateful I invested in self care with Caley."

"Caley was one of my team of 3 midwives for the homebirth of my little one - she's an incredibly kind, supportive, and magical person, I'll never forget her voice guiding and encouraging me as I pushed (for hours!). Postpartum I saw Caley for massage, which was also truly a gift, and helped ease the process of healing and re-strengthening post pregnancy/birth. She's got hands that are so capable and caring, and a sweet soul to match. I highly recommend Caley if you're considering a home birth."

"Having Caley as our midwife was such a gift. Her warmth and presence, combined with her knowledge base allowed me to feel so well cared for on the journey of pregnancy and a home birth. I experienced her as smart, caring, and thoughtful during in office appointments. During a long labor she was very attuned to me, receptive of my needs during labor even when I didn't know what they were, and guided and reassured me through. It was a truly positive experience working with Caley, I am forever grateful."

Kind Words: Testimonials
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