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Payment & Pricing

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Payment and Pricing: FAQ


  • Beargrass Midwifery accepts cash, check, or Paypal as well as payments made through a Health Savings Account (HSA).

  • Beargrass Midwifery assists clients with private insurance reimbursement and can bill most but not all private insurance companies for midwifery care and home birth services. Since Licensed Midwives (LMs) are currently considered “out-of-network” providers, we are often not covered at a full percentage rate.

  • We understand that home birth midwifery care is not accessible to everybody. We are committed to working with you and your individual
    circumstances to facilitate access to great health care.


Home Birth Midwifery Fee: $4,000

This global fee includes the typical prenatal visit schedule, lab draws, and referrals for ultrasounds. In addition you will have 24/7 phone access to a midwife for questions, concerns, or emergencies and up to six weeks of care for both baby and mother after birth.


Postartum Midwifery Care Package: $1,200

This package is designed specifically for folks who choose to give birth in the hospital but want the comprehensive and individualized postpartum care that midwifery care offers. This package includes six home visits and three in-home postpartum massages. Knowing that everybody's postpartum experience and needs are different, this package is highly customizable to meet your individual needs. Call today to chat about the options.

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