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Is home birth safe?

Home birth has been shown to be a safe option for low-risk women with healthy, full-term pregnancies who are cared for and monitored by professional midwives. We work with our clients to optimize their health to support healthy pregnancy and birth for both mom and baby.  We are continually assessing risks and/or concerns that arise during pregnancy and throughout labor to ensure that we quickly recognize and respond to potential problems.

You can read more about home birth safety in these studies:

Outcomes of Care for 16,924 Planned Home Births in the United States

Outcomes of planned home birth with registered midwife versus planned hospital birth with midwife or physician

Do you work with doulas?

We love working with doulas! We find that, especially for first time parents, a birth doula can be a wonderful asset to the birth team and can help with the continuity of care throughout pregnancy and labor. We also highly value the work of postpartum doulas and encourage clients to seek their care! Check out the resources page for links to local birth and postpartum doulas!

Do you take insurance?

We assist clients with private insurance reimbursement, and can bill most but not all private insurance companies for midwifery care and home birth services. Unfortunately, Licensed Midwives (LMs) are considered “out-of-network” providers, which means that we are often not covered at a full percentage rate.
Montana Medicaid does not currently cover home birth midwifery care.
See Fees and Payment Information for more information.

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